Vertigo: The Truth Behind Invisible Sickness

Do you ever move your head quickly and have sudden feelings of nausea and dizziness? If you do you may have the condition known as vertigo. Vertigo affects what is known as the inner ear which is responsible for sending signals to the brain for balance and coordination. The symptoms may be as mild as dizziness or as extreme as nausea often coupled with vomiting and ringing of the ears.

Vertigo is a challenging condition for not only patients but also healthcare providers. The exact cause is not known but research has shown that in most cases vertigo comes on after some sort of trauma to the head and/or neck. It is noted that after a trauma symptoms may not appear for weeks or months after the occurrence.

Most often we see these injuries as a result of high impact sports. One of the reasons this takes place is because of high speed that can distort the muscles and ligaments in the neck causing a misalignment of the spine. The biomechanics of the neck are extremely important for the brain to properly interpret the information needed to maintain balance.

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I see these kinds of cases very frequently and with great success. The reason isn’t because I am a vertigo specialist but because I take a unique approach in healthcare. As an upper cervical chiropractor I focus on maintaining the alignment of the neck specifically the first bone known as the atlas. The process is done by performing a detailed examination and customizing the adjustment to each individual patient.

Once I know a patient suffering with vertigo has an upper cervical misalignment I can start the protocol. All too often when the misalignment is corrected we see vertigo improve or in some cases resolve naturally. This is the same method that has been validated in clinical studies showing 300 vertigo patients get natural relief through upper cervical chiropractic.1


1. Burcon M. Cervical Specific Protocol and Results for 300 Meniere's Patients, 6th International Symposium on Meniere's Disease. Nov 2010.

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