Miguel P. Flores, DC - NUCCA Specialist

Miguel P. Flores, D.C.

Miguel P. Flores, D.C.

Ever since I can remember, I've always had a strong desire to help people and change the world. When I was in grade school, I realized that the best way I could accomplish this purpose was to become a dc. The question was, what kind of a doctor? With a smorgasbord of specialties to choose from with different titles to hold, each with their own contribution to humanity, the question really was which would be most congruent with my beliefs?

This took a bit longer to figure out, but in high school, after a sports injury sidelined and put me out indefinitely, the answers started to come forth. It started as severe low back pain and moved down to my legs, all the way to my toes. Walking was close to impossible and sleep was out of the question. I consulted with M.D.'s, D.O.'s, Physiatrists, and P.T.'s, all whom examined me, treated me with drugs, modalities, and exercise- all to no avail. I was checked in at a hospital for three days and it seemed like surgery was the only choice I had left… but at 16, that was just not an option.

That is when I discovered Chiropractic. My father took me to see a chiropractor, the first in the Philippines at the time. He examined me, found the cause of the problem and gave me my first adjustment- one that would set me towards a path of true health and well being.

As I went through my training in the science, art, and philosophy of chiropractic, I realized something so profound, yet so simple to grasp- The body is Perfect! It has everything we will ever need to heal and repair, to restore and revitalize! After all those years of training and studying technical and medical jargon, it all came down to this- The most powerful healing force in the world lies within the human body!

You see, God put the most amazing healing power in our brain and spinal cord. Our brain and spinal cord control the function of EVERYTHING in our body. For you to have a conversation, for you to enjoy an amazing meal, a fantastic glass of wine, to laugh and cry, to see, smell and hear, for your heart to beat, lungs to breath, stomach to digest, a cut to heal on your leg, for your immune system to fight off diseases such as cancer, etc. All information has to pass from the brain to the brain-stem and spinal cord and through the nerves to get to every single cell, organ, muscle, and tissue in your body. As long as there is no disturbance or interference to this neurological pathway, your body will function at a 100%, and if the body is functioning at a 100%, then that means you are healing at 100%, and if you are healing at a 100%, then you are in a state of optimal health!

It is my personal mission to inspire change in the way families in our community view health and healing and apply these newfound health principles into their lives, and to show them how beautiful this world can be when the body is free of spinal subluxation and nerve interference through a life of chiropractic care. 

This is the reason our office exists, and I can't wait to pour my heart and soul into you and your family!