Gabriel P. Flores, DC - Toggle Recoil Specialist

Gabriel P. Flores, D.C.

Gabriel P. Flores, D.C.

To quote one of the most respectable minds of our time, “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” – Mark Twain

The latter did not happen until I was in chiropractic school. Ever since I can remember, the human body has always intrigued and sparked a flame of curiosity in my mind. I marveled at what made the human body the human body. While undertaking anatomy and physiology as one of the requirements for the degree of the Doctor of Chiropractic, an anatomy (cadaver) lab was part of the curriculum. Upon dissection of the human frame and viewing it with my very own eyes, I had accidentally stumbled across an answer to a life long question.

The body is a grand masterpiece. It is divinely created and holds no equal. Every muscle, bone, ligament, tendon, artery, vein and nerve is where it needs to be. More importantly, I realized a profound truth about how the body works. There is but one system that controls EVERYTHING, including the way the body heals.

Within your spine is a nerve system that controls, coordinates, and tells every single muscle, cell, and organ system in your body what to do, when to do, how to do, and why to do the tasks it should. Within a full year our bodies constantly replace and rebuild tissue as necessary. For you to see, hear, smell, interpret what you are reading into a thought or an idea and for every organ system in your body to function and heal, the brain and spinal cord need to effectively communicate with each other. When we exercise, fuel our bodies with the proper nutrients, think in abundance rather than lack, and ensure that the nerve system is functioning at optimum, you will find that the body will yield and uphold astonishing energy and sustain itself in good health. The simple fact is that everything we do from the day we are born to the present day is all predicated by how well our nerve system functions. Through this life changing cognisance, my passion for chiropractic and the desire to add to the lives of people in need of health, healing, and hope was born.

My purpose is to teach people how to live well and be well through chiropractic and kindle the idea that the human body is designed by nature to thrive, flourish, and be unlimited.